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In this national antitrust class action, Rodriguez v. West Publishing Corp., USDC, CD Cal., Case No. CV-05-3222 R(MCx), Plaintiffs alleged that Defendants BAR/BRI (West Publishing Corp.) and Kaplan, Inc. unlawfully agreed, throughout the United States, to prevent competition in the market for full service bar review courses (preparing would be lawyers for state examinations to practice law).  Eleven days before trial, notwithstanding Defendants’ continued denial of the allegations, a $49 million Settlement was obtained for the class.  Click here to see a copy of the Settlement.

In 2010, while awaiting the resolution of several appeals related to the Settlement and the award of attorneys’ fees and costs, the Court approved Plaintiffs’ request to allow a partial distribution of the Settlement proceeds to Authorized Claimants.  That distribution, in the amount of approximately $30 million, was completed in 2011.

All motions and appeals relating to this Settlement, attorneys’ fees and costs have now been finalized and we are in the process of making a final distribution of the remaining Settlement proceeds as approved by the Court.  No further claims or adjustments to existing claims can be accepted. 

The Settlement Administrator will be sending payments via First Class Mail for the final distribution on May 30, 2018.  

  • For claimants that cashed their initial distribution and second distribution payments this will be the final distribution, based on a pro rata basis, from the Net Settlement Fund. 

Checks for the first distribution in 2011 as well as checks from the second distribution in 2016 can no longer be reissued.

If you have questions concerning this payment you may call toll-free 1-888-285-7850 or email  We are unable to give you tax advice concerning this payment.  If you need tax advice, consult your tax advisor.

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